SARL Race Rules

The Indy Air Race is an event of the Sport Air Racing League. It is a timed speed event open to all propeller driven fixed wing aircraft.

Competition in the Sport Air Racing League sanctioned performance classes is set over a route of approximately 150 statute miles. A shorter "Course B" of may be set for aircraft with a top speed of less than 100kts and limited fuel range, if requested. Challenge classes for three or more of the same model aircraft may be offered.

Be a member of the Sport Air Racing League
Private Pilot Certificate or higher
Hold a current medical
Meet the requirements of FAR 61:56 and 61:57

Aircraft must be propeller driven, piston or turbine powered, fixed wing
Possess a valid airworthiness certificate
Have evidence of a current annual inspection
Be two-way radio equipped
Have a range to fly race route with reserve at full power
Have insurance coverage

Additional crew/passengers may be carried; only one licensed pilot is required.

Pilots must be familiar with and ready to fly the race route prior to arriving at the start. All information and procedures are available on the race web site.

A complete and thorough mandatory briefing will be given at the start of the event. Registration packets will contain hard copies of course instructions. Any last-minute changes will be covered in the briefing.

Aircraft should have a Race Number on the aircraft but it is not mandatory to participate. The race number should be on both sides of the aircraft if possible. Numbers should be 18” high by 12” wide with the number segments 3” wide. Color should stand out from aircraft color and be outlined as necessary as to be visible. Variations are accepted. Permanently affixed numbers and the usage of two or three digit N# numerals if they are of the required size are acceptable. Numbers on the fuselage and/or under the wings are acceptable.

Check in as soon as practical on arrival at start. At this time you must provide all required documentation and sign “Release of Liability” and pay fees. Fuel and park in designated spot and have your aircraft ready for race start prior to briefing.

All pilot briefings are MANDATORY. If you are not briefed you will not participate.

Register as soon as possible
You must be a member of the Sport Air Racing League
Join on line at
Register as one of the following: Full one year membership $50.00 Paid to League directly
  Provisional Membership $10.00 One race only, paid at event registration
Pilots must comply with all Federal Aviation Regulations and Sport Air Racing League rules
Pilots must ensure sufficient fuel is carried for flying the event and a safe reserve
All occupants of aircraft must sign a “Release of Liability”

Race VFR is defined as no less than 1000’ ceiling and 3 miles or greater visibility.
En route flying will be at a minimum altitude of 500’AGL or in compliance with the FAR’s, whichever is higher.
Engines may not be started until directed by Race Official.
Taxi and take off as directed by Race Official.
Take off will be in speed order, fastest first. If unable to start as directed, you may go to the back of the line.
If you must land during the race or do not complete the course, notify a Race Official as soon as possible that you have aborted.

5 knots for not following briefing or procedure instructions, specifically cutting inside a turn point.
Disqualification if Federal Aviation Regulations are violated.
Disqualification if the timing line is not flown.
Safety maneuvers will not be penalized.