Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Race Route

The Indy Air Race is scheduled for August 13, 2011, at 10:00 a.m. It will be held at KTYQ, Indy Executive Airport - http://www.airnav.com/airport/KTYQ. Registration is from 7:30-8:30 Saturday morning. You MUST be registered and attend the 9:00 a.m. pilot's brief to participate in the race.

No brief - no race.

This is an open course timed speed race open to all propeller driven aircraft. Aircraft launch in speed order, fastest first.

The Sport Air Racing League classes will be used and offer racing for experimental and factory aircraft. Additional Challenge classes may be offered for 3 or more of the same model aircraft.

A shortened Course B may be created for aircraft with limited range and speed capabilities, if we get a request for it.

Flying will be VFR only with race minimums 1000’ ceiling and 3 miles visibility.

On course MEA is 500AGL or FAR’s if higher. All FAR’s are to be strictly adhered to.

Here is the tentative race course, subject to change. This course highlights beautiful Central Indiana,  144.5nm, over two Sectionals, Chicago and St. Louis.

Click on the sectional chart to enlarge. (If the chart is too big to view, just press "Ctrl -" a few times, to restore it, press "Ctrl +"). 

The course starts at at Indy Executive. The Start Line is abeam the north end of Runway 36, at 40° 2'17.47"N 86°15'5.42"W

For actual route photos for each turn point please click on the "Turn Point Photos" tab at the top.

The Start procedure from 18 will be a close-in left pattern with the start timed at the North end of the "downwind" pass within a 500-1,000 foot AGL altitude band. If we launch to the North the time line will be at the departure end of the runway. Fly north-northeast to Sheridan Airport (5I4). Turn One is northeast of the threshold of Runway 23. 40°10'47.69"N 86°12'44.92"W. The locals will be out in force, and those who don't race with us will gather for a Turn One party and judge your turn. They're looking forward to some beautiful low passes. Then head northwest to Frankfort Airport (KFKR). Make Turn Two northeast of the displaced threshold of Runway 22 at KFKR. 40°16'40.02"N 86°33'50.48"W. This is another airport managed by Dan and Andi Montgomery, and they welcome you to Turn Two. Plenty of the locals will be there to serve as turn point judges.   After Frankfort Airport, it's southwest toward the town of Veedersburg, to ag pilot Steve Songer's strip between the cornfields. Turn Three is around the 190-foot antenna immediately north of IN55, Songer Airstrip. Steve's runway is a north-south turf strip just south of Veedersburg, and if the corn is high you won't see the strip, but you will see the antenna, so around that you will make your turn. 40° 4'57.28"N 87°15'43.48"W. Steve and his ag pilot son Dave will be there to judge your turn. From there, head southeast toward 1I7. Turn Four is at the Clinton Airport, mid-field, over the small square of grass in the parking area just south of the long hangar and small utility building. 39°42'37.00"N 87°23'58.04"W After Clinton Airport it's east to the north side of small pond on the east side of a house. This is my sister's house and she is proud to be the resident of Turn Five of the Inaugural Indy Air Race. This turn is called The Lyons' Den. My brother in law and some of his friends will be out waving you on, so let's give them a good show. 39°47'9.97"N 86°38'55.92"W Head north-northeast toward Turn Six, to 6I4, Boone County Airport. Turn just north of the northern most T-Hangar. You must stay clear their traffic pattern, which is 2,000. They have requested you fly this turn at 2,500' or above. 40° 0'23.47"N 86°26'22.01"W Then finally east to KTYQ, with a finish pass at the departure end of 18 at Indy Executive. Cross the Race Finish Line at the centerline of Runway 18/36 of Indianapolis Executive Airport (KTYQ), at the south end. 40° 1'23.18"N 86°15'4.76"W. Enter the traffic pattern for landing safely.  Darren Crouser, of the Turn One airport, Sheridan (5I4), will be offering an on field fuel discount price to all race participants the week of the event. That price is 20 cents per gallon off their advertised prices. Check http://www.100ll.com/ and http://www.airnav.com/ for current prices.

Darren has also offered to be available after hours "if that is what it takes to make the difference and get someone back in the air."

If anyone needs parts or maintenance help, Darren and his crew are ready for your call. He works in the motorsports community managing Indycar teams and representing engine manufacturers, and understands "when things just need to be repaired now, when ever now may fall on the clock or calendar."

Should weather be an issue the days before, after or during the event Darren will offer to get as many planes inside as possible should Indy Exec run out of room, so keep his name and number handy. He may be hosting a race of his own one day!

Sheridan Aviation, LLC
Ph 317 758 4161 airport
Cell 317 501 4521

If you have questions, contact me at
Linda Street-Ely
Race Director

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