Hotels and Transportation

We now have hotel and rental car info. There are no hotels within walking distance of the airport, and so far no transportation provided by hotels. We will get you the best rate we can on hotels and rental cars, but if you get a better one, by all means, use it!

There are several on this same road, so if you have a favorite chain, call or email me and I can help you locate your favorite. You might want to check third-party sites such as for customer reviews. The Drury Inn is offering SARL good discounts, and they have been very friendly to work with.

Drury Inn
9320 N. Michigan Rd.
Indianapolis, IN
(317) 876-9777
Your contact: Daisy
Group rate: $72.99/day plus tax under "Montgomery Aviation"
The Drury Inn can only hold 9 rooms, but will offer the special rate to you if they still have room beyond those 9.  Special rate will continue for Saturday night if you choose to stay over.  Drury offers wireless Internet, complimentary hot breakfast, popcorn and soda (3pm-10pm) and complimentary drinks and hors d'oeuvres 5:30-7pm.  Daisy is excited about welcoming the Sport Air Racing League to Indy and committed to providing you a great place to stay.

I previously recommended the Microtel but it has since changed hands and is no longer American-owned and the price has dropped significantly. If you are looking for a budget hotel, it is now called Motel 6 and the info is:
9140 N. Michigan Rd.
Indianapolis, IN
(317) 870-7765
Your contact: H.P.
Group rate: $39.99/day tell him you are with the "Indy Air Race"

Rental Cars:

Price: $30/day for basic car if you say "Montgomery Aviation"
Contact: Jacob Then
Phone: 317-587-0364
Jacob is ready to welcome you to Indy and serve your transportation needs.

Price: TBD (Mention "Montgomery Aviation")
Contacts: Nathan/Sigourney
Phone: 317-867-3580
Good luck. I've had a hard time getting any information or commitment out of them.