Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How to Sign Up

Race 26, Mike Thompson, RV-6.
Photo courtesy Brian Leriger, Event 1 Photography
Okay, you're throwing your hat into the ring - now what? If you don't have a Sport Air Racing League (SARL) race number, you will need to get one. Start by clicking on the link at the right and figure out what race class you belong in. (If we don't have a class that fits you well, let me know and we can create one.)

Next, click the link to register with SARL and to reserve your race number. This is the race number that you place on your aircraft. If you think you will be entering more than one SARL race this season, you must become a SARL member by sending in the $50 membership fee. See the bottom of this page: http://sportairrace.org/id2.html

If this is your first air race, and you aren't sure if you will do a second, you may purchase a $10 once-per-season provisional membership upon your arrival at KTYQ.

The Indy Air Race entry fee is $30. That fee will be payable the day of the race. Please note, we will not have the ability to take credit cards. Cash is preferred, but check is acceptable too.

Now, complete your race entry, through SARL, by clicking on The Indy Air Race registration link.

Once you register through the SARL, they will send me an e-mail confirming your entry and we'll put you on the list.

See you in Indy!

Linda Street-Ely
(281) 734-0330

Prayer for a Pilot
By Cecil Roberts

Lord of the sea and earth and air,
Listen to the pilot's prayer-
Send him wind that's steady and strong,
Grant that his engine sing the song
Of flawless tone, by which he knows
It shall not fail him where he goes;
Landing, gliding, in curve, half-roll-
Grant him, O Lord, a full control,
That he may learn in heights of heaven
The rapture altitude has given,
That he may know the joy they feel
Who ride Thy realms on birds of steel.

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